GSBA will be a national and international model of MBA excellence through providing a hands-on approach to business education for talented and outstanding students by highly qualified academics, brilliant consultants, trainers, certified professionals and those who advance and transfer business knowledge to improve and promote economic prosperity and people’s quality of life. On the graduate programs level, we will provide superb business knowledge, skills and competencies through a smart approach of providing an unforgettable experience of academic and professional education in the fields of business across several industries and borders. GSBA’s slogan is:


“We Inspire Entrepreneurs and Shape Business Leaders…”



GSBA’s mission is to provide the Jordanian, Regional and International markets with talented business entrepreneurs and leaders through delivering outstanding graduate business programs. GSBA is highly committed to a real hands-on approach of business teaching, consulting, applied cases, and strong business community service through creative thinking and networking wherever they are. GSBA strategic intention is to provide the business world with the best standards of practical approach of excellence in business higher education, encouraging innovation, and stimulating applied research and business solutions. We will continue providing diverse businesses with distinguished graduates equipped with up-to-date knowledge, superb competencies and skills as well as high ethical standards.  



To achieve GSBA’s mission, vision and strategic goals, GSBA values are:

  • Excellence in business education and teaching through quality.
  • Practice transparency and accountability.
  • Implement responsible and ethical practices.
  • Focus on diversity and equality for both students and faculty.
  • Responsible freedom of thought, innovation and creativity.
  • Promote services’ excellence on strategic and operational levels.
  • Encourage mutual collaboration between GSBA and industry.
  • Faculty and students are our invaluable assets. 
  • Openness and continuous learning.
  • Networking with GSBA students and graduates.