A Helpdesk system has been successfully developed and launched by the software engineering team in the ISTC early this year. Initially, the Helpdesk Admin was launched on a limited scale and it was only used by the ISTC staff to manage IT services tickets. Upon its internal success and after a series of enhancements, the My Tickets service was activated for use by all GJU staff.

Based on that, the GJU staff can request help regarding any IT related issues by opening a helpdesk ticket from the My Tickets feature in their MyGJU accounts. In addition, it helps them monitor the status of their tickets, allows them to chat with the IT staff regarding their issues, and supports uploading files to share between relevant parties.

Furthermore, these new services enable the IT staff to monitor, analyze and archive all tickets in order speedup and improve the provided services.

Special thanks to Dr. Feras Al-Hawari the director of the ISTC as well as Eng. Hala Barham for their great efforts in the analysis, design, development and deployment of these new and useful services.

For more information on using the My Tickets service in the MyGJU portal, please click on the Helpdesk link in this page.