Dear students,

We are pleased to introduce you to the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) Dual Study (DS) track. The program has been extremely successful at the Industrial Engineering Department since the academic year 2019-2020. We are happy to expand this program to include other departments, the Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering Department has recently implemented the DS and we hope the Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence Department will also adopt the track in the near future.

By its essence, dual study combines work and study. Gradates from dual programs benefit from excellent job opportunities as well as the hybrid education model. Besides having connections with the companies and the German Jordanian University, they are also highly qualified specialists. Even if they are not hired by their dual studies companies, graduates can present an excellent and convincing resume to future employers.

It is an incredible opportunity for all of you to be part of DS program, you will have the chance to experience a unique learning process, improve your conceptual understanding, and practice communications and other soft skills.


Eng. Shuruq Shawish

Dean’s Assistant for Industrial relations


How is the Dual study Track in Industrial Engineering structured?

This track has started with the academic year 2019-2020, in the department of Industrial Engineering. 

Students will take place in alternating phases at two places; the GJU and one of our partner companies. Students will take their courses in the first and second semesters regularly at GJU and then spend the summer time at the partner company facilities.

Regarding the study plan for this track, students will follow the predetermined and approved course plan by the Department of Industrial Engineering. Noting that, the confirmed courses plan for Dual Studies Track has the same courses as the regular track, but with different time frame which tend to be more structured and restricted.