Dear students,

On behalf of School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS); welcome to Dual Study (DS) track in industrial engineering.

The existing limitations in industry-academia relationship, the high rate of graduates and unemployment, as well as the new industrial paradigm and digitalization require universities to take several important steps to prepare students for a new era of work. We at SATS, as part of our responsibility to the prosperity of this academic institution, are constantly work to adapt our study program to market specific needs and to support our students acquire new skills that can help them stand out in their quest for future careers.

DS is a global educational concept that aims to integrate the theoretical knowledge with the practical implementation. Leveraging DS within study programs will enable us to be proactive by continuously raising employability of our graduates and provide the labor market with tailor-made graduates who possess sound skills in practice and theory.

It is a great opportunity for all of you to be part of DS through which you will practice a unique learning process, better understanding of theoretical concepts, and improved communication, interpersonal, and social skills. I wish that I had this opportunity during my BSc study!!  


Prof. Safwan Altarazi

Industrial Engineering academic coordinator

  • How is the Dual study Track in Industrial Engineering structured?

This track has started with the academic year 2019-2020, in the department of Industrial Engineering. 

Students will take place in alternating phases at two places; the GJU and one of our partner companies. Students will take their courses in the first and second semesters regularly at GJU and then spend the summer time at the partner company facilities.

Regarding the study plan for this track, students will follow the predetermined and approved course plan by the Department of Industrial Engineering. Noting that, the confirmed courses plan for Dual Studies Track has the same courses as the regular track, but with different time frame which tend to be more structured and restricted.


Who Are our industrial partners? 

So far the Dual Studies team in Industrial Engineering succeeds in attracting and contracting 14 companies. And luckily for us, most of them are well-profiled companies on the local, or on the international level, Such as: