Dear Students,

Over the previous two decades, professional accounting bodies, accounting practitioners and educators have outlined and criticized accounting education programs for not being able to meet the demands of the changing business environment. This failure by universities has created a gap known as the competency gap.

The International Accounting Department at SMLS has worked on developing a track that is known as Dual Study (DS) track. The aim of this tracks is to minimize the gap between accounting practice and accounting education, increase transparency, minimize the gap between students, job seekers and practitioners This DS track will help you link the academic part of your studies with a real work environment which will enhance your learning experience, and the understanding of theoretical concepts, as well as, develop innovative skills that will help you have an excellent career prospects after graduating. I wish I had this chance to develop my expertise during my undergraduate. 


Dr. Mohammad AlOmari,

International Accounting Academic Coordinator


How Dual Study Track in International Accounting will be structured?​

This innovative track starts with the academic year 2020-2021, in the department of International Accounting. 

Student will take place in alternating phases at two places; the GJU and one of our partner companies. Students will take their courses in the first and second semesters regularly at GJU and then spend the summer time at the partner company facilities.