Dear students,

The undeniable truth is that the world has changed and does not stop changing in all aspects of life, the most important of which is higher education, which has become focused on the practical side and gives the learner more independence and reliance on his efforts.

Nothing embodies this concept more than the dual studies program which, in addition, to enabling the student to see more updates in his field of specialization, adds and develops many personal skills that they will rely on to succeed in the future.

International accounting is one of the practical disciplines and is subject to many changes in adopting new standards commensurate with the changes in the global business environment

Besides, this program enables the students to be ready to enter the labor market immediately after their graduation

We hope that everyone will take their chance, enroll in this program, and benefit from the valuable benefits


Dr. Emad Hatamleh,

Dean Assistant for Industrial relation

How Dual Study Track in International Accounting will be structured?​

This innovative track starts with the academic year 2020-2021, in the department of International Accounting. 

Student will take place in alternating phases at two places; the GJU and one of our partner companies. Students will take their courses in the first and second semesters regularly at GJU and then spend the summer time at the partner company facilities.


Who are our industrial partners?

So far the Dual Studies team in International accounting succeeded in attracting and contracting 5 companies. And luckily for us, most of them are well-profiled companies on the local, or on the international level, such as: