The German Jordanian University took a part of the conference of international students 2017 that was held in the university of Jordan under the patronage of his excellency of higher education and the Scientific Research doctor Adel AlTwaisi,and the Supervision of the Supreme Preparatory Committee in the Students Deanship Affairs Of The University of Jordan ,with the participation of international students from public and private universities around Jordan.

The Conference held four important key goals in it’s 5 sessions:

  • Supporting international students in terms of earning expertise and clear vision to be capable to confront the future challenges.
  • Enhancing intellectual security between international students.
  • Developing the quality of education concerning it’s dynamic role in the cultural progress .
  • Enhancing and supporting the connections between international students in the Jordanian universities.

The German Jordanian University’s two representatives of international students in the conference were Omema Fathi Bin Yousef from Libya, Abd El Aziz Yahia from Iraq.

Omema Fathi Bin Yousef, is a Libyan, who is studying  German and English for business in the German Jordanian university ,she gave a speech on the second session : “The Challenges And Solutions International students face” which was held by the ambassador of Kuwait in the Hashemite kingdom of JordanDoctor Hamad Deijj.

Omema has discussed :

  1. Difficulties in finding dorms.
  2. Difficulties in obtaining sufficient information to accomplish something.
  3. The Difficulty of obtaining a driver's license.
  4. Lack of scholarships for outstanding international students.

She says that this session was for debating solutions to such problems, and expressed her gratitude of being granted the opportunity to be a part of this conference and being hosted in such a loving atmosphere in Jordan.

On the fifth and final session of : “Graduates of international students and obstacles they face”,Abd Al Aziz Yahiya,Iraqi,A Graduate of Logistics bachelor degree from GJU,and a Master degree student in GJU as well, was granted the opportunity to be speak about very important points.

The highlights of Abd al Aziz’s speech were :

  1. Unemployment and finding job opportunities.
  2. Lack of guidance after graduation.
  3. Political and Economical challenges.
  4. The Immigrations of good qualified students for the lack of opportunities in Jordan.
  5. Changes of demand of majors in the market and how to deal with it.

Abd Al Aziz says that he was delighted to have this opportunity to share his experience of the Jordanian market since he has worked more than 5 jobs and then decided to open his own Logistics Company called “Cargo Fleet Logistics” one of the success stories the German Jordanian university is honored by.

Mrs.Hana’ Al Kurdi The Head of Services Division for International Students in the German Jordanian University says that the presence of Gju in such a conference is very important to exchange the thoughts and experiences of students and to know the obstacles and challenges, and making them a part of the decision making process and finding solutions, and this is all a part of the vision our university seeks of its diverse culture, in fact Gju has more than 33 nationalities in it from students and doctors, which is an evidence of it’s supportive atmosphere of diversity and globalization.