Our engineers specified and participated in the installation and setup of a state of the art IP cameras and surveillance system. The system is comprised of 160+ IP cameras that are distributed in the sensitive locations (e.g., main entrances, hallways, cafeterias, squares, parking lots) in the GJU campus. The captured footage from each camera is transmitted over the Intranet to storage servers for archiving and to a control room to monitor all the covered areas. The settings and configurations of the cameras and the storage servers are all controlled by a video management software (VMS) that is running on a central server in the data center.

In addition, we allocated and prepared a monitoring room to host 8 HD displays and two client stations to facilitate the manned surveillance of all the cameras views simultaneously.

This system is used for university security as it allows us to: monitor the campus, track unacceptable visitors/students/staff behavior, reduce thefts, and eliminate crime.