It may sound odd to some of you and it may be totally normal to others, but we found a married couple in our campus! which got us really curious to know more about them, and their life dynamics, I mean as students in our early 20s, maybe some of us would face the fear of commitment or others who would think that marriage is not a good step in our student life, and there are those who would question themselves, is it possible to handle both responsibilities and balance between their student and marriage life? As we all know, that family is the base of society, and that means choosing the right lifetime partner is a must!


Our 3rd year students Rashed & Dima, met in GJU through mutual friends, and luckily their families and friends supported them to get married in February 2016, however, they also had to deal with a lot of criticisms and unexpected privacy invasion, since it’s uncommon amongst the GJU’s society, but the couple answered our questions stating that their marriage wasn’t a barrier against their studies, and on the contrary it actually helped them since they both support each other! Also, they declared that they were each other’s source of love, comfort, and their compatibility gave them serenity, which made them realize they did the right thing.


And finally, the couple encouraged their colleagues to think out of the box and take their story as an example. Well, It looks like GJU doesn’t only include expert staff, ambitious students, and scientific achievements but it also has some romance scent, what do you think?