Due to the social responsibility values our university deeply believes in, the deanship based community services student’s club, has celebrated Mother’s day in the most considerate, special way !

The club has organized on the 2nd of April 2017,along with their mentor Mrs.Areej Dabees,an event to celebrate the cleaning working ladies, they collected the money by selling Painted Mugs on campus, collaborating with SABE school for Architecture and design, who by their rule helped with the designs and the selling.

The celebration was on a big scale, The University President doctor Natheer Abu obeid, The Dean of student’s affairs, doctor Omar Shubeilat, and The community service’s club President Ms.Aya Khifan, gave Speeches of recognition and appreciation in such a special occasion, ending the speeches Ms.Jihad Abu Hisa the representative of the cleaning work force stating their appreciation of the student’s efforts.

Following, the club members handed the cleaning ladies symbolic gifts.

Mrs.Areej says: ”this time it was different, the whole experience was special, we chose to sell mugs that the club members painted on, as a part to show their interest and love, what really impressed me they were very open to learn new skills of, buying, selling, negotiating, and improving their drawing skills, this has taught them the responsibility towards their society and themselves”

She adds: ”GJU students have always been the first in line to do volunteer work, with love, compassion and creativity!”

In the end, all parties agreed how fun and enlighten the experience was, and how good it feels to be a part of the infinite cycle of giving !