The opening of the music room added a lot to the university. Many students now can practice and improve their skills there, in a very friendly atmosphere. When the band are there, you should definitely pass by and absorb the positive energy they spread when they start playing. The band was formed by five gifted students, who are very passionate about what they are doing.

Yahya Qadri - Electrical Guitar Player
Yahya is a second year student majoring in Logistics Sciences. He started playing electrical guitar since July 2013. According to Yahya, the music room has people with different characters, experiences and backgrounds. He usually plays with his friend Khalid Taher who's also a member of the band, but he also likes to play along with different people so he can gain new experiences.
Yahya thinks making new friends through the music room is deeply related to the fact that musicians in general get close easily as they figure out each other without complications by playing along together, as musicians express their feelings through playing.
However, Yahya says that it is hard to manage between going to lectures and joining the band in the music room, as they do not get excuses to practice.

Lynne Siyouf- Singer
Lynne is a second year student majoring in German and English for Business and Communication. She started singing since 2010. The music room helped improve Lynne's skills by spending time there, using the available equipment and participating in the events related to the university.
She met the band members when they were practicing for an event, then they became her friends and decided to form an official band of the university.
Lynne has been singing for almost 7 years now, so managing her time was not difficult at all because she has been in the same situation many times before.

Adel Al-Yabrody - Pianist, guitarist, and a DJ
Adel is a first year student majoring in Industrial Engineering. He has been playing the piano for thirteen years, the guitar for three years, and a DJ for four years.
The music room helped in improving his skills since the kind of music the university events require are new and different than what he usually plays.
Adel met the most of his university friends through the music room, some of them are musicians as well as music lovers who pass by to listen.
About managing their time, he says that they mostly try to match their break time but that doesn't work out every time. Thus, they stay late after they finish their lectures or they gather outside the campus; in studios and stuff like that.
A life changing step
When Adel was young, he did not pay much attention to his gift in music. He was shy and had almost no friends. However, when he started paying attention and developing his talent, his life turned upside down. He started playing in hotels and public places, then started composing his own music and next he won the first prize in a contest in Dubai, reaching one of the top 3 in UAE. After that, Adel got more friends and more confidence. Now, he is looking forward to keep improving his skills further and hopefully he could start recording his own music and share it with the world.

Khalid Taher - Rhythm Guitar Player
Khalid is a second year student majoring in Logistics Sciences. He has been playing the guitar for six years now. The music room has helped him refine his skills by playing with the band and finding harmony between one instrument and the other.
He first played with his friend since long time, Yahya, who also plays the guitar and then he made friends with Lynne who sings magnificently in English. He also finds it hard to practice since they do not get excuses for missing lectures. Nevertheless, they try their best to practice daily.

Anas Ishtaiwi - Oud Player
Anas is a fifth year student majoring in Energy Engineering. He plays Oud since summer 2013. Since Oud is the only Eastern instrument in the music room, he used to play alone. Most of the times, he would just listen to other students play the piano and guitar or even sing in English, which doesn't fit the Oud.
After forming the band, Anas managed to find a way to make the Oud fit with the rest of the Western instruments. Now, whatever they play he can play with them smoothly. That helped him a lot in improving his improvisation and composing skills.
Each time he goes to the music room, he makes new people whether musicians or listeners.
Matching between studying and music is not that difficult to him, since he makes time for both studying and playing music.
Anas had two major steps in his journey. Firstly, meeting Dr.Aziz who is the second person who can play Oud at GJU. Dr.Aziz helped Anas a lot and taught him techniques that he didn't know. They even used to stay late in the music room just for the sake of playing their favorite songs together. Anas believes that this is pure class and he is proud to say that he played Oud with such a legend.
Secondly, meeting David Merlin who is an exchange student from Germany. David was impressed by the way that Anas plays the Oud and asked him to teach him.
David can play the Oud now, and Anas couldn't be happier. Undoubtedly, that was the best thing that happened with him.