Status: Ongoing

Funding: GIZ Cash for Work program

Description: The German Development Agency (GIZ) has generously agreed to help complete the rehabilitation of the Nabatean flood control system at Wadi Hraimieh in Petra, which began with a previous project. As much of this work consists of manual labor, the project fits well with their Cash for Work programme.

The Wadi Hraimieh drainage basin contains about 120 hydrological instillations between check dams, gabions and terraces. While these are all partially intact, their function is undermined by destruction of parts of them in addition to sedimentation reducing their storage capacity. Over 150 workers from the local community will work over the next 6 months to restore many of these instillation. This will reduce sediment movement (ensuring sustainability of the system) as well as protect the core of Petra at the Treasury Monument from the dangers of flash floods that are a recurring problem.