This year’s Network Meeting of GJU’s School of Management and Logistics Sciences (SMLS) was hosted at Technische Hochschule Lübeck on 25th and 26th of September 2019. The SMLS Exchange Coordinators Dr. Serena Sandri (Logistics), Dr. Rana Sabri (Management) and Luai Abu Rajab (Accounting) welcomed 10 participants together with the Network head and hosting professor Dr. Rudy Lohmann from TH Lübeck.

One topic of the discussions was exchanging experiences on Dual study programs at SMLS and German partner universities. Several suggestions have been made such as giving students a clearly defined task during their internship and let them write a paper at the end the semester as well as convincing Jordanian companies with a small number of excellent students of the benefits of educating their future employees.

Another topic was a student survey based on the Culture Shock Model about international and also Jordanian students coming to Germany presented by Alexandra Wolf, a graduate of TH Lübeck and her supervisor Prof. Dr. Desiree Ladwig. The results of the survey gave practical implications to the pre-departure training of GJU students before they start their German Year.

The SMLS Exchange Coordinators also welcomed a new network partner who joined the discussions very actively, Prof. Frank Gillert from TH Wildau shared his experience in student exchange with university partners at the UAE and the German-Kazakh University, another DAAD project of Trans-national education in Almaty. He was very willing to collaborate more with GJU and will visit the School of Management and Logistics with a university delegation in the near future.