Dear New Students,
Congratulations and welcome to the application page to the German Jordanian University (GJU). By applying to GJU, you are taking an important step towards a better future. The German Jordanian University brings you the best of two worlds.
In this page you will find information to guide you step by step to become a GJUer. 
(Section 1) - If you didn't apply, Use this section to apply.

(Section 2) - Already applied? Check if you got accepted.

(Section 3) - Once you are accepted, use this section to continue your admission procedures.

(Section 4) - Scholarships

1- If you didn't apply, Use this section to become a GJUer, and start your journey of excellence. 
1.1- Our Bachelor Programs, please click here.

                1.2- Tuition Fees:


                         - Regular Program (Tawjihi) , please click here.

  •                  The Regular Program is for Jordanian students with Jordanian General Secondary Education                          certificate (Tawjihi).

                         -  International Program, please click here.

  •                The International Program is for all Non-Jordanian students and Jordanian students with Arab or                    foreign high school certificates such as (IB, IGCSE/GCE, HSD & SAT II).
                1.3- To Know the Admission Papers and Requirements, please click here.
                1.4- To know more about the Application Process, click here

                1.5- To start the Application Process Online, click Apply Online.

 (The online User Guide provides step-by-step instructions for the online admission at GJU).





2- Already applied? Check your name in the accepted students lists for the First Semester 2020/2021


  •  The First List, click here.
  •  The Second List, click here.
  •  The Third List, click here.

  •  The Fourth List, click here.

  •  The Fifth List, click here.
  • The Sixth List, click here.


      Check your name in the accepted students lists for the Second Semester 2020/2021               

  • The First List, click here
  • The Second List, click here.
  • The Third List, click here.
  • The Fourth List, click here.
  • The Fifth and Final List, click here.
  • Master, Click here.



We will post future lists when they get ready. Stay Tuned!






3- Once you are accepted, use this section to continue your application.​ 

               3.1- To continue Online:


  • Fill the Form and click submit in the end.
  • Once you fill the form, you will receive an Email with your Student ID.
  • After you receive your Student ID,  click here to proceed.





4- Available Scholarships from the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL):






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