Application Process

GJU possesses a network of partner Universities for each study program. Your exchange coordinator will help you choose the best host University for you, and will assist you while selecting the courses. 

After a decision has been made and your name has been sent to the International Office along with the University you will be going to; the International Office will contact you and provide you with the necessary application forms.

Note: You should not contact the host Universities on your own. The GJU International Office is here to facilitate the process for each and every student.


The following terms must be achieved in order for you to be nominated for the German Year:

  1. Successful completion of German V or VI (Depending on your Student ID Number)
  2. Successful completion of the compulsory courses your school decides on
  3. A GPA of at least 60%
  4. Successful completion of the 160 hours of field training in Jordan.


The following documents are needed to obtain a complete application:

  1. The host university’s application form
  2. The dorm application form
  3. The learning agreement (should be filled out with your exchange coordinator)
  4. 3 recent passport photos
  5. 3 passport copies
  6. A recent transcript of records issued by the registration department
  7. Your Curriculum Vitae
  8. Motivation letter (stating why you chose this certain University and what you expect from your stay in Germany)
  9. A portfolio (Architecture and Design students)


Note: In case there are additional needed documents, you will be informed by the GJU IO.


Deutsche Bank Blocked Account

In order to get a German student visa, you need to deposit 8100 Euro (for 12 months) or 4050 Euro (for 6 months) in a Deutsche Bank blocked account. The IO will give you all necessary information and fully guide you through this process.

For more information about the blocked account, click here.


Visa formalities

The IO will send you all necessary information on the needed documents and visa appointments via email.

It takes between one and two months to issue your visa after you hand in the documents.



Travel Health Insurance

All students should acquire travel health insurance from Jordan prior to their departure! The insurance should cover the first month in Germany.

A list of insurance companies in Jordan, which offer these services, is available here.


German Health Insurance

Every student at a German university must have a health insurance. Immediately after your arrival to Germany, the IO of your host university will help you find a suitable health insurance company. Fees for the compulsory health insurance are about 80 EURO per month. 


Liability Insurance („Haftpflichtversicherung“)

The liability insurance is not yet mandatory for GJU students, however we strongly advise you to get such an insurance right after your arrival in Germany. It will protect you against costs caused by accidental incidents.  

Fees for the liability insurance are about 100 EURO per year. 



Most universities in Germany offer student accommodation (dorms). If not, they will help you in finding private housing.

For more information on accommodations during your year in Germany, please click here.


Financial Expenses in Germany

Living expenses differ from city to city in Germany; it depends on both size and location of the city. Nevertheless and according to official German statistics, living expenses for a student varies between 600 and 1000 Euros monthly in Germany.


For further details regarding this topic, check the following websites:


Note: Your host University is eligible to ask you for an extra fee of 500 Euros in addition to the registration fee of about 100-300 Euros per semester.