Vice President for International Affairs
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Dorit Schumann completed her PhD at the logistics department of the Goethe-University Frankfurt. After practical experiences as a consultant she started her position as a professor for logistics at the University of Fulda in 2004 with 6 years responsibility as vice-president for research. Since July 2016 she is full professor for logistics and vice-president for international affairs at the German Jordanian University in Jordan. Her main fields of research are humanitarian logistics and supply chain management, which are mainly located at the GJU in Amman and in a research-centre in the House of Logistics and Mobility in Frankfurt (HOLM). Dorit Schumann supervises in cooperation with German and African universities 4 PhD candidates and is a member of and supervisor for several organizations in the field of higher education and research in general and in the special field of logistics. 

Educational Background

Economics, with specialization in logistics, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
Dipl. in Economics, especially business administration, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
Research Interests

Humanitarian logistics and supply chain management, Logistics in emerging and developing countries, Logistics for refugee camps and refugee cities, and Social human rights in international supply chains


Teaching Interest: Humanitarian logistics and SCM, Case studies, International logistics and SCM, and Outsourcing and cooperation

Selected Publications

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