Daret Othman Bdeir ,Jabal Amman
+962 6 4294444

Educational Background

Design by Computer, University of Tsukuba-Japan, 1997.
Computer Aided Building Design (CABD), University of Strathclyde, UK, 1988.
Architecture, University of Jordan, 1987
Research Interests


Selected Publications

2010 Mohammad Yaghan,"The evolution of architectural forms through computer visualisation: muqarnas example",The proceedings of Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA),113-120,London,2010
2008 Prof.Mohammad Yaghan,"Arabizi’: A Contemporary Style of Arabic Slang",in Design Issues,2008
2008 Mohammad Yaghan, Rejan Ashour,"The Battle of Grids: Preparing First Year Students for Their Upcoming Design Studies in Jordan",Designing Design Education- Design Train Congress,Amsterdam 5-7,2008
2005 Mohammad Yaghan,"Self-Supporting “Genuine” Muqarnas Units.", Architectural Science Review,2005
2003 Mohammad Yaghan,"Gadrooned Dome's Muqarnas Corbel: Analysis and Decoding Historical Drawings",Architectural Science Review, 46.1, 69-88,2003
2003 Mohammad Yaghan,"Teaching Architectural-Visual-Experience through Virtual Reality Using VRML: Muqarnas Example.", Journal of King Abdul Aziz University -Environmental Design Sciences, Vol. 1,2003
2001 Mohammad Yaghan,"Muqarnas", Phoibos Verlag,Vienna,2001
2001 Mohammad Yaghan,"The Muqarnas Pre-designed Erecting Units: Analysis, Definition of the Generic Set of Units, and a System of Unit-Creation as a New Evolutionary Step.",Architectural Science Review,44.3,2001
2000 Mohammad Yaghan,"Decoding the Two-dimensional Pattern Found at Takht-i Sulayman into Three-dimensional Muqarnas Forms.",XXXVIII, 77-95,Iran,2000
2000 Mohammad Yaghan,"Arch-Creating Software.",Journal of King Saud University-Architecture and Planning,vol. 12, Architecture and Planning,1-36.,2000
1998 Mohammad Yaghan,"Structural Genuine Muqarnas Dome: Definition, Unit Analysis, and a Computer Generation System.",Journal of King Saud University, vol. 10, Architecture and Planning, 17-52.,1998
1998 Mohammad Yaghan,"The Design of An Arch-Creating Software As a Model For CAD Applications in Architecture.",The proceedings of The Third International Conference on Resent Trends in Computer Science Applications and Information Systems,pp. 71-80, Philadelphia University, Jordan,1998
1995 Mohammad Yaghan, Mitsui Hideki,"Muqarnas Typology: A Tool for Definition and a Step in Creating a Computer Algorithm for Muqarnas Generation System.",In The Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the JSSD [Japanese Society for the Science of Design],p. 156,1995