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Educational Background

Chemistry, Bonn University -Germany, 1978.
Chemistry: University of Jordan, 1974.
Chemistry: University of Jordan, 1972.
Research Interests

Chemist / Water and Environmental Specialist


  • Arab Women Organiztion prize for Women in Science and Technology/ Environmental Sciences 2014.
  • Prof. Fayyad has been nominated in 2013 to be a member of in the board of Abdel Hamid Shoman Scientific Research Fund.
  • King Hussein Prize for top of seniors 1972.

Selected Publications

2015 Alawi, M, Fayyad, M, & Tarawneh, I,"Simultaneous GC–MS determination of eight phthalates in tota migrated portions of plasticized polymeric toys and childcare articles",Journal of Chromatography B,vol.985, 103-109,2015,2015
2015 Arar, S, Abu Eid, R, & Fayyad, M,"Anaerobic Cr(VI) 20 Bioaccumulation: Wastewater and Soil Matrices in Jordan",Asian Journal of Chemistry,27(3), 1143-1146, 2015,2015
2015 Magharbeh, M , Fayyad, M, & Batarseh, M,"Inter-Laboratory Comparison Measurements of Constituents of Oil Shale Standard Reference Sample Chemistry and Materials Research", ISSN 2224- 3224 (Print) ISSN 2225- 0956 (Online) ,3Vol.6 No.4, 2014,2015
2014 Abu - Ghunmi, L, Badawi, M, & Fayyad, M," Fate of Triton X - 100 Applications on Water and Soil Environmen",A Review, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents,17 (5), 833 - 838,2014
2014 Saidan, M, Rawajfeh, K, & Fayyad, M,"Determination of trihalomethanes levels in a selected area of 19 Amman’s drinking water distribution system: case study , Desalination and Water Treatment ",,doi: 10.1080/19443994.2014.892439,2014
2014 Fayyad, M," Testing the efficiency of Acacia Bark(Galool - asal) as disinfictant for polluted waters",Journal of Water Resources and Protection,Published Online, (, ,2014
2014 Fayyad, M, & Ghanem, E,"Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Determination of Anti-Diabetic Drug Repaglinide in Human Plasma",American Journal of Analytical Chemistry,2014, 5, Published Online March 2014 in SciRes. ,***.2014,2014
2013 Saidan, M, Rawajfeh, K, & Fayyad,M,"Investigation of Factors Affecting THMs Formation in Drinking Water",American Journal of Environmental Engineering,3(5): 207 - 212 DOI: 10.5923/j.ajee.20130305.02,2013
2013 Al - Musaimi, O, Fayyad, M, & Mishal, A,"Chapter in a book: Cystatins, protease inhibitors, Biomarkers, Immunomodulators",Editors: John B. Cohen, Linda P. Ryseck ,2013
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2011 Abu Ghunmi, L, Zeeman, G, Fayyad, M, & van L ier, J,"Grey water biodegradibility",Biodegradation,vol. 22,no. 1, p163 - 174,2011
2011 Shehabi, A, Haider, A, & Fayyad, M,"F requency of antimicrobial resistance markers among Pseudomonas aeruginos and Escherichia coli isolates from municipa l sewage effluent water and patients in Jordan",The International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents,vol.1, No. 1:1,2011