A website development team was formed in 2013 in order to develop a new state of the art website for the GJU. The team's main goal was to deliver a website that is: simple, nice looking, easy to navigate, well structured, content rich, and dynamic.

The established team is multifaceted as it was capable of handling all the technical requirements that were needed to accomplish this... Read more

Our engineers specified and participated in the installation and setup of a state of the art IP cameras and surveillance system. The system is comprised of 160+ IP cameras that are distributed in the sensitive locations (e.g., main entrances, hallways, cafeterias, squares, parking lots) in the GJU campus. The captured footage from each camera is transmitted over the Intranet to storage servers... Read more

Our team specified and participated in the setup and installation of a state of the art HD video conferencing system. The video conferencing sessions can be initiated from the auditoriums in buildings C and B, the lab in building D, the meeting room in building A, as well as a classroom in the SABE as each of those rooms is equipped with a full HD camera, codec, microphones, and high quality... Read more