Our software development team implemented the E-Fawateercom services and integrated them with MyGJU. Accordingly, the students may instantly deposit money (via E-Banking) in their MyGJU accounts from the comfort of their homes. Consequently, when MyGJU receives an online banking payment, it will instantly... Read more

The Information Systems and Technology Center (ISTC) successfully released a computerized online exams system on the first 2016/2017 semester. The system can be customized to make and conduct multiple-choice online tests in different languages such as: Arabic, English and German. Besides that, it saves GJU thousands of Jordanian dinars on the cost of similar test preparation tools.... Read more

This project spanned the following tasks and features: Moodle was hosted on the powerful servers in our data center; Moodle was linked to our active directory i.e., both students and instructors can use their single sign on E-Mail credentials to login to Moodle similarly to how they login to MyGJU; Moodle can now access all the offered course sections in the current semester (and the coming... Read more

The web-based voting system was developed to enable the student body of German Jordanian University (GJU) to elect their representative in the university council, which is the highest council in determining the university’s strategic directions. The latest fully online elections took place on Dec 20th, 2016, allowing 1600 of the university students including those in Germany to electronically... Read more

The ISTC team developed an Information Display System (IDS) in-house to display announcements, school news, images, and other information on TV screens that are mounted in lobbies, squares, hallways, and cafeterias in the university. The GJU Intranet infrastructure (including a firewall, links, and switches) is utilized to secure and transmit the displayed content from a web application on a... Read more

The ISTC engineers participated in the efforts to expand the GJU network to provide Internet service in building H, building  M, building  G, and the bank building in the main campus. The project also covered the consultation and vision rehabilitation centers in Jubaiha, as well as the SABE buildings in Jabal Amman. The work included specifying the project requirements; following up on the... Read more