If you have further questions, you can visit the FAQ’s at IO/ GJU page. 

What happens if I failed a course in Germany, can I retake the exam next semester?

Yes, you can but you are NOT allowed to take a new course in the second semester.

What papers should I submit when I reach Germany?

Once you have decided what you want to take in Germany you need to edit the learning agreement (second page change to original Learning agreement) and send it back to the Exchange Coordinator of the School of Applied Medical Sciences and cc the International Office. The Exchange officer will prepare a Pre-equivalency for you and send it back immediately after the approval of the exchange coordinator.

What should I do when I finish my study semester, when can I prepare my Equivalency?

  1. The international office at your host university send the transcript of records to the international officer at GJU.
  2. The exchange officer will prepare the equivalency form as soon as he/she receive the transcript of record from the International office at GJU.

What should I do when I cannot find an Internship?

Contact the office of Industrial Links.

What should I do when I find an internship?

Directly after the student receives the internship confirmation, company details and internship contract, he/she must send it to the Exchange Coordinator at GJU (cc Office for Industrial Links) to get the approval.

If I want to do my Graduation Project in Germany, what are the procedures and regulations?

Go back to the Graduation Project at the Home Page, School of Applied Medical Sciences.

What is pharmaceutical and chemical engineering?

It is a hybrid integration of Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering so that it provides graduates with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Furthermore, it is considered a branch of Chemical Engineering in the Jordanian Engineers Association.

What makes this program special?

This program enjoys the following attributes:

  1. It is a hybrid integration of Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering so that it provides graduates with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  2. It is the only program in Jordan and the region
  3. It satisfies the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, which is one of the largest in Jordan, the region, and the world. Moreover, in the vicinity of the university there are numerous pharmaceutical plants where our students can train, and our graduates can find a suitable job opportunity.
  4. Our students can get in their 4th year further education in one of the partner German universities and training in one of the big German companies.

When this program started?

In 2005

What degrees are offered in this program?

BSc in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering, since 2005.

MSc in two tracks: Pharmaceutical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. (expected to start in 2022 )

What papers should I submit for the German year at SAMS?

  1. Learning Agreement
  2. B1 certificate
  3. Field Training
  4. Cancellation Rules

What are the fields of the industry can the graduate PCE Engineer work in?

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biochemical, chemicals, refineries, petrochemicals, oil and gas, environmental, water and wastewater treatment, fertilizers, phosphates, potash, food, paints, polymers and plastics, paper, cement

What are the pre-requisite Courses that should I pass before leaving to Germany?

PCE Students

  1. Chemical Reaction Engineering.
  2. Pharmaceutical Technology –Solid/Liquid Forms.
  3. Transport Phenomena
  4. Analytical Chemistry

BME Students:

  1. Biomechanics and Rehabilitation I
  2. Biomedical Sensors and Transducers
  3. Biomaterials
  4. Numerical Methods for Engineers

What positions can the graduate PCE Engineer have in the industry?

Operation engineer, manufacturing engineer, process design engineer, total quality management (GMP, validation, quality assurance, quality control)safety engineer, researcher, research and teaching assistant, sales engineer, marketing engineer, project manager, consultant, quality assurance engineer/manager, quality control engineer/manager.

If I finish 3 out of 4 required Courses, can I travel to Germany?

You should write a petition to the Dean of the School.

Can the PCE graduate work as pharmacist?

No. However, the PCE graduate can work in drugs and cosmetics manufacturing.

If I filled the application form of the German year, when is the deadline to cancel my German Year?

You should contact the International Office to get a sufficient answer.

How many hours should I pass before leaving to Germany? 

The total amount of my passed credit hours (excluding German Levels I to VI) at GJU is – 90- credit hours or higher for all engineering majors, -108- Credit hours with German levels.

What happens if I did not follow the required regulations (Cancellation rules) and left to Germany?

Your German year will be cancelled, even if you reach Germany.