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Teaching & Research Assistants and Lab Technicians Team 2017
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About SAMS

The School of Applied Medical Sciences was established in September, 2005. Two programs, then, constituted the core of the school; namely, Pharmaceutical-Chemical Engineering (CPE) and Biomedical Engineering (BME).

Biomedical Engineering was created in response to continual changes and emergence of new areas of expertise commensurate with rapid advances in technology. Some of the well established specialties within the field of biomedical engineering include: bioinstrumentation; biomaterials; biomechanics; cellular, tissue and genetic engineering; clinical engineering, medical imaging; orthopedic surgery; rehabilitation engineering; and systems physiology.

The Pharmaceutical-Chemical Engineering Program offers a unique integration between chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology and engineering domains. Students will be exposed to basic, cutting-edge, and training courses across these disciplines. Prospective engineers in this field of expertise will be able to transform raw materials into useful pharmaceutical and fine chemical products having commercial interest through systematic use of engineering concepts and methods.


School's Vision

The School of Applied Medical Sciences will be recognized and respected as one of the leading academic centers in the Middle East, and beyond, by providing high-quality education, training, and research in the fields of chemical/pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering.


The School's Mission

The School will foster well rounded, high-level educational programs to fulfill the needs of the Jordanian society in the disciplines of chemical/pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering. We will accomplish this by preparing students with intellectual and creative skills, through partnerships with German industry and educational institutions, which will enable them to be life-long learners who can meet the challenges of the 21st century.