• Mathematical and Simulation Modeling for an Effective Healthcare Supply Chain: The Case of Jordan, Dr. Safwan Altarazi,(2018).


  • Development of novel dual-motor spinning system for microfluidic compact discs-toward GJU spinn-off company,Dr. AlaaAldeen Al-Halhouli,(2018).


  • Engineering based economical evaluation of the retired Li-ion... Read more


  • Development of Environmental Engineering Courses and Injection of Climate Change Concept for Undergraduate... Read more
  • Dr. Safwan Altarazi was awarded 50140 JD from SRF/ministry of higher education in the field of polymers technology
  • Dr. Hazem Kaylani was awarded 15 000 JD from SRTD in the field of solar energy
  • Dr. Aiman Shara’a  was awarded 10 000 JD in the field of solar energy
  • Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh was awarded 5,000 JD, King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD),... Read more


... Read more