Intensive German Language Summer Courses 2018

Hochschulsommerkurse (HSK) 2018


Dear Self-Payer,

These information are only for those students who intend to pay for their German language summer course in Germany themselves.


To inform yourself about the summer courses offered this year and to arrange everything for your stay, please read the following information carefully, take care of the steps described below:


Steps to successfully plan your German Language Summer Course

1)   Choose a city and a course:

Recommended courses attended by GJU students in recent years

1 Bielefeld Sprachschule Bibis 30.07. - 31.08. 420 280 (Wohnheim)
2 Freiburg University of Freiburg 01.08. - 29.08. 650 350
3 Berlin Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK berlinerID) 02.08. - 29.08. 495 440 (EZ)
330 (DZ)
4 Münster Münster Uni (Wipdaf) 02.07. – 27.07. 350 300 - 400
5 Düsseldorf Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. (IIK) 02.08. – 29.08. 495 485 (EZ)
365 (DZ)
6 Jena University of Jena 05.08 -01.09 540 350 (Wohnheim)
8 Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück 20.08. - 17.09. 750 220-300
9 Gießen University of Gießen 31.08. - 29.09. 630 325 (+ 250 Deposit)
10 Germersheim (Mainz) University of Mainz 21.08. - 15.09. 660 200 (Heim DZ)
250-300 (Heim EZ) 300-340 (App.)
11 Düsseldorf Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. (IIK) 03.09. – 27.09. 495 485 (EZ)
365 (DZ)
12 Berlin Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. (IIK berlinerID) 04.09. – 28.09. 495 440 (EZ)
330 (DZ)
13 Freiburg University of Freiburg 03.09. – 28.09. 650 350 (Heim, WG)
14 Bielefeld Sprachschule Bibis 04.09. – 05.10. 420 280 (Heim)
15 Kiel  University of Kiel 03.09. - 28.09.  590 250 (Heim)
16 Leipzig University of Leipzig 03.09. - 28.09.  695 290 (Heim)
17 Ilmenau Technical University of Ilmenau 04.09. - 27.09. 599 200-300 (Heim)
18 Saarbrücken University of Saarbrücken 05.09 - 29.09.  590 320
19 Dresden TU Dresden 03.09 - 28.09.  670 180-500
20 Münster Münster Uni (Wipdaf) 03.09 - 28.09.  350 300 - 400

2) Fill out application form of chosen language institute to register for a course including accommodation*

*Please note that the Embassy will not accept course bookings without accommodation through that course. The accommodation needs to be paid in advance.


3) Transfer the fees* to the mentioned bank account in Germany after receiving the registration confirmation.

*Please make sure to state the correct reason/purpose of transfer as stated by your institute when transferring the money.


4) Come to see Ms. Sarah Stötzner (Room B112) in the International Office  after making the payment/receiving the acceptance letter to register for an appointment at the German Embassy.


The deadline to register for an Embassy appointment is May 10th!

In order to register you need to present either the letter of acceptance from the language institute or a bank statement showing that you have already made the payment for the course and the accommodation.


5) Get your visa documents ready with the help of the International Office. 

For your visa application you will need:

  • 2 Filled and signed application forms for a Schengen Visa (downloadable below).
  • 2 Filled and signed security forms (downloadable below).
  • The visa fees amounting to 60 Euro, to be paid in JOD at the current exchange rate.
  • Your passport as well as 2 passport copies.
  • 3 Biometric passport photos.

6) Go to the Embassy Appointment*

*  Kindly note that the visa will be only issued for the time of the language course.


Make sure to bring a recent biometric passport photo. If the photo is either not biometric or outdated, the embassy has to send you away to make correct pictures. This will make the process longer and might cause you to delay your departure from Jordan. 

This kind of photo needs to meet certain requirements. Not all photo studios in Amman offer these photos. The embassy recommends the Salam-Studio at Abdoun Circle for best quality. Please check out this link for proper examples of such a photo.

  • Your confirmation of acceptance to the summer course. 
  • Health insurance confirmation for your time in Germany (travel health insurance). A list of suitable insurance companies in Amman is downloadable below.
  • bank statement proving your ability to cover your expenses during your stay in Germany.
  • Certificate of Enrollment at GJU.
  • If possible: Flight ticket reservation to Germany and back to Amman.


7) Book a flight and go to Germany*

* Kindly note that the booking of your flights will be entirely in your responsibility.



Summer Session at GJU (01.07. - 28.08.)

Students who attend courses during the summer session will not be able to take courses in August and should choose summer courses starting in September. Please be aware that the courses in September start immediately after the end of the examination period.

Neither the IO, nor lecturers of GJU will be responsible for any missed exams or paper deadlines. It is your responsibility to be in Germany on time, otherwise you might lose your summer course placement.


  • In general, different options for accommodation are included for all locations in the list above.
  • University dormitories and shared student flats (“WGs”) will most probably be mixed-gender. 

During your Stay in Germany

Your Arrival in Germany

Please contact your language school to clarify how to get to your accommodation from the airport, how to receive the keys etc. Write down the address of your school and your accommodation, as well as the telephone number and the name of your responsible contact person at your school in case you need help.

ʿEid al-Adha (عيد الأضحىTuesday, August 21st)

Please note that the Islamic celebration of ʿEid al-Adha is not a holiday in Germany. Therefore, this will not be considered a justified reason to be absent from your courses on this or the following days.

Attendance and Conduct at the Summer Courses (Cancellation Rules)

We expect all of our students to behave in a responsible manner and to respect their teachers, fellow students and property. Students are expected to represent the best of GJU, and to be ambassadors of Jordan, its society and values.


Inappropriate behavior, unexcused absence from your courses and any damage purposely inflicted to your accommodation will be reported to a disciplinary committee at GJU, which will decide on consequences for your study progress. The parents will be informed accordingly. Misusing your visa might endager your German Year.

By submitting your application, you confirm that you are aware of the information and regulations mentioned above. Every student will have to sign an obligatory agreement that s/he commits him/herself to the mentioned regulations before leaving to Germany.




Contact Information

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the following contact person:

Ms. Sarah Stötzner

Scholarship Coordinator

Building B, Office 112

Tel.:        06 429 4892