Staff Mobility 2022 

In 2022, the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) support 20 staff members from GJU to participate in the GJU Staff Mobility Program in Germany.

The program provides GJU academic and administrative staff first hand working experiences at one of GJU German partner universities of Applied Sciences as well as within industries related to GJUs programs of studies and strengthens relations between GJU and its partners. It is expected that academic staff will be involved in teaching and research and administrative staff will be involved in professional activities related to their working profile at GJU.


Application 2022

Since this program was postponed twice due to Covid-19, the majority of the participants in 2022 already applied for the previous batch. 

Attention: Due to two cancellations, we can offer another application round for the two left over seats. Please find the application form here. The deadline for submitting the complete application is April 15th, 2022.

Please also consider to apply for the leftover Erasmus+ spots for Staff Mobility. You can find more information on our FAQ on GJU Staff Mobility and Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. Please read through it before applying. 

Finances 2022

The program supports the participants with an amount of 1.500 EUR (set amount, regardless if duration is three or four weeks) for their stay in Germany through DAAD funds. This amount should cover all visa costs, accommodation and living expenses in Germany. The GJU covers travel expenses of up to 650 JOD and continues the salary payment during the stay in Germany.


Procedure 2022

Before the mobility:

  • December 2021: general mandatory information meeting with all participants

  • By end of 2021: host institution and rough timeframe should be clear

  • Three months before leaving to Germany: mandatory individual meeting with International Office at GJU, booking of flights afterwards

  • One week before leaving for Germany: short talk with International Office at GJU, discussing last questions

  • All participants will have to take part in an intercultural training before leaving for Germany. This training will be offered three times throughout a year, so it comes close enough to each individual mobility to Germany

  • every participant is asked to answer the preparatory questions about his or her expectations, needs and goals of their stay in Germany and therefore guaranty the success of the program. A proposal template with questions to be answered will be given to you and should also contain a detailed schedule of the training and the important contact information and the contact person at the host institution

During the mobility:

  • the participants should most importantly enjoy their stay in Germany, meet the objectives agreed upon and gain as many working and cultural experience as possible. A written “Germany Survival Guide” is offered by GJUs International Office to help with getting by in Germany and to be prepared in the best way possible

  • further detailed instructions will be sent to the participants 

After the mobility:

  • Please be aware that you are obliged to stay at least one more year at GJU after the participation in the Staff Mobility Program to implement the newly learned features at your department and at GJU. If any participant fails to hand in all the necessary documents or does not fulfil the agreed upon tasks, the funding of 1.500 EUR will be reclaimed

  • the final questions need to be answered detailed and send to the IO not longer than one months after the mobility. This report is compulsory and will be shared with the supervisor at the host institution, the International Office, the Project Office, the Vice President for International Affairs and your GJU supervisor. The IO will also contact your host institution for an evaluation of your stay.

  • every participant will have an individual mandatory follow up meeting with the International Office. This meeting is about reflecting your stay and the program, as well as to give and get feedback from both sides

  • At the end of the year 2022, all participants will gather for a final meeting to exchange their experience as participants of the Program and to present shortly to the Presidency, the International Office and the other participants their stay in Germany to get an overview of the Program 




Contact Information

For further inquiries please ask:  

Laura Schergaut 

Program Coordinator

Building F, Office F 019

Tel.: +962 6 4294896

German landline: +49 391 505 47432