Our team is divided into the following dedicated and specialized divisions:

  • Networking Division: It owns the wired and wireless networking infrastructure (e.g., routers, switches, terminations, cables), as well as the firewall and the web filtering systems that protect the GJU Intranet from any unauthorized access.

  • Communications Division: It is responsible for the telephony system (e.g., PBX, telephones, interactive voice response, voicemail, and wiring), video conferencing system, as well as the advertising system and screens.

  • Security Systems Division: It is responsible for the IP cameras and surveillance system, access doors system, as well as the time and attendance system.

  • Website Division: It is responsible for the administration, content management, and quality assurance of the GJU website.

  • System Administration Division: It maintains the E-mail system, administers the data center (servers, storage, cabinets, wiring, etc.), monitors/balances/upgrades all storage and computational resources, backs up all critical data, and sets up policies for storage quota, SPAM E-mail, etc.

  • Technical Support Division: It is responsible for installing/upgrading the general desktop/laptop software (operating systems, MS Office, Internet browsers, etc.), configuring the shared GJU hardware (e.g., printers, faxes), responding to help desk calls from the GJU staff and faculty, and administering the student computer labs.

  • Maintenance Division: It is responsible for installing/maintaining most of the GJU hardware (e.g., data shows, printers, desktops, laptops), as well as the cabling and termination of the hardware infrastructure (e.g., network, telephony, access doors, fingerprint readers, screens).