What are Dual Study Programs?

Dual Study Programs are ea ssentially reaction to two challenges: How to raise employability of university graduates and how to provide the labor market with qualified employees who possess sound skills in practice and theory. In these programs, academic and vocational training are integrated and take place at two locations: A university and a company. Content of the academic part is exactly the same concerning the level and quality of the taught courses and roughly the same concerning the quantity of academic courses. In addition, work in a partner company. What they do there is aligned with their academic studies - students apply their knowledge right away and become familiar with the real life work environment already during the program.

Most Dual Study Programs award a Bachelor degree, but there are also some on Master’s level. Often, students are entitled to an expense allowance (not to be confused with a salary), compensating travel expenses etc. For more information, have a look at the Dual Studies Brochure.

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