"The education program of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering at German Jordanian University is outstanding. The students gain a wide variety of experiences over their five years of study, four years in Jordan and one year with partner Universities in Germany, studying and for internship and I am pleased of that for the  gain experience and skills before graduation. Students proved to be consciousness and hardworking and consistent students in class, with respect to colleagues and staff. After completion of the program students have, a... Read More

"It is my pleasure to be part of the academic staff of pharmaceutical and chemical engineering department at GJU. I strongly believe that the format and aims of our department is really new not only in Jordan but also in the nearby countries. I can say that we have the opportunity to prepare knowledgeable engineers that fit well in all areas of chemical engineering and more specifically in the pharmaceutical industry which is an essential industry in Jordan. Small number of students in labs and classes give a great chance to communicate... Read More

"I love working in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering department. I am surrounded by people (employees and students) who allows me to grow scientifically and academically every day. There have been many days when it did not feel much like work at all, but more of a family get together. Having a strong bond with my co-workers is something that means a lot to me. Knowing that we all have the same goals in mind from working with our students to helping each other excel is something I am proud to be a part of."

MSc. Iman Alqudah,... Read More

"Being a pharmaceutical teacher assistant in the PCE department at German Jordanian University has provided me with an outstanding hands-on education that equipped me to earn the experience in developing my teaching skills as well as get in depth with various advanced technology applied in pharmaceutical field.

The professors in the PCE department become more like mentors, and helped to promote a sense of family among us.

Although I have not been in the PCE for very long, employers have always commended me for my knowledge,... Read More

"Our bachelor degree holds two sectors together; chemical engineering and pharmacy which makes it a unique diverse degree. The German year had offered us the support; technically and academically throughout our training in many leading companies that present advanced technologies and facilities in the chemical pharmaceutical industries. GJU concentrates too on enhancing the personality and quality of life by the challenges we face during our studies."

Walid Rabah

BSc Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering

“I chose to study Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering not only for its uniqueness in the Middle East but also for its wide range of future careers. With its two focal points of orientation, this major has allowed me to learn how pharmaceuticals and chemicals are produced on an industrial scale using different equipment also the various techniques used for separation processes. GJU has helped me establish a firm basis and understanding of this major and has contributed to my desire of continuous improvement.”

Rania Rifai

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"I knew that Studying a rare interdisciplinary major would provide me with a huge knowledge as well as many chances for the future. Being able to design a plan or reactors, solving critical engineering problems, inventing new testing methods, analysis and optimization of factors in chemical or Pharmaceutical industry as well as simulating processes were a huge motivation for choosing this major. GJU with its professional PCE department provided me with this knowledge. "

Rahada Altal

BSc Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering... Read More

“As a pharmaceutical engineer graduate, I can say we are blessed to graduate not only with a certificate, but with a new language, by receiving hands-on experience on laboratory instruments’ due to a proportional student-teacher ratio, by improving our soft skills through events and most importantly by gaining a valuable experience in Germany. Pharmaceutical engineer graduates are lucky to have the opportunity to work in pharmaceutical industries, one of the best manufacturing, ever-growing and fast moving sectors, during or without a... Read More

"I was always curious about how factories and processes operate and how they are constructed. Besides, the chemical and pharmaceutical reactions grabbed my attention, which pushed me to study Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering at GJU. I owe a lot to GJU, as it is the place where I thrived my knowledge and broadened my horizons for limits that I would never have in another place. My experience at GJU shaped me to start my road for a better future."

Suhaib Alzyod

BSc Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering

“Studying Pharmaceutical & Chemical Engineering at the German Jordanian University was such a great and fruitful experience. The course helped me in sharpening my analytical capabilities and equipped me with tools that I used in different fields and industries. The German year as well was a cornerstone in this journey that opened many doors for me worldwide such as earning my master’s degree from the University of Cambridge and doing a research project at NASA. I am grateful to have such an experience to launch my professional career... Read More