Third Country Scholarships / SurPlace Scholarships for the Master Program "German as a Foreign Language" MA DaF 2021-2022


Very well qualified graduates (country list*) of German Studies, German as a Foreign Language or related subjects can apply for a scholarship for postgraduate studies (MA) at the German-Jordanian University (GJU) in Amman. DAAD Surplace Scholarships (excluding living expenses) are available for Jordanians.
Study Procedure:
Studies at GJU begin in February of each year (second semester of the academic year) and last four semesters. The third semester takes place at a German partner university. Prior to the start of studies at the GJU, online intensive courses take place from September to January, which are completed in the home country. These are mandatory for scholarship holders and must be successfully completed in order to begin studying at the GJU. Upon presentation of a valid TestDaF certificate with at least 4x4 (or 16), exemption from the first four months of online courses is possible. The costs for the online courses are covered by the scholarship provider. Additional tutoring is provided by GJU faculty during the online course. Other scholarship benefits begin when students begin their studies at GJU in February for a maximum of four semesters. The program of study is a full-time program! Classes are held five days per week and a high level of independent study is required!
Degree Completion:
It is possible to choose between the thesis track and the non-thesis track. Applicants are encouraged to designate the desired track on the application. The master thesis track is suitable for students who wish to pursue a subsequent doctoral degree. The program is completed with a 60-80 page master's thesis.
If the academic work required for the thesis track is not completed during the first two semesters, the faculty will deny admission to the master's thesis track. The master's degree must then be completed in the non-thesis track.
There is no automatic eligibility for the Ph.D. degree. Graduate students must independently seek recognition of their studies in their home countries. To obtain a doctorate in Germany, students must normally work independently to find a doctoral supervisor and gain admission to the doctoral program. Starting in 2021, excellent graduate students at the GJU will have the opportunity to pursue a PhD in German as a Foreign Language in cooperation with the PH Freiburg. In the master's non-thesis track, students take more practice-oriented courses and complete the program with a Comprehensive Exam and a 20-30 page project paper.
Scholarship Benefits:
  • Tuition fees for study at GJU (1st, 2nd, and 4th semesters) and for online prerequisite courses are covered by Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences with DAAD funds. (with the exception of currently five credits (600 JOD) for Prerequisites, which must be self-financed).
  • Scholarship for one semester in Germany in the 2nd year of study (850 € per month, travel allowance, full tuition waiver at partner universities).
  • For scholarship holders from THIRD COUNTRIES (countries other than Jordan): scholarship living expenses of 570 € per month in Jordan + travel allowance for travel from home country.
  • The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 2 years. It is initially awarded for one academic year and can be extended for one year upon application if the student performs well.
  • Very good BA degree or equivalent in German studies, German as a foreign language or related subjects and philologies. (The degree must have been obtained by the start of the scholarship or must not have been completed more than 6 years ago).
  • Proof of German language skills (B2 level or higher) by certificates (TestDaF 4x3 (or 12), ÖSD or Goethe-Institut) or language proficiency certificates (onSET), not older than one year.
  • Applicants who have been in Germany for longer than 15 months at the time of application cannot be considered. The same applies to applicants with German citizenship. 
Application documents:
  • Application form "Third Country and Surplace Scholarships".
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Detailed statement of motivation and intended career goals
  • Proof of German language skills (original must be presented in Jordan)
  • Copies of the university degree certificate and explanation of the grading system. (If studies will not be completed until the summer of 2021, copies of certificates of previous academic achievements may also be enclosed, as well as confirmation of expected graduation by the university). Certification of transcripts by Jordanian authorities is required for final admission to GJU and thus eligibility for the scholarship.
  • Two expert opinions from subject professor
Stay in Jordan and Germany:
International students receive support from the GJU with visa issues, finding housing, and settling in Amman. The IO prepares all students for the German semester and supports all necessary processes.
Application Deadlines and Dates:
For the academic year 2021/22: 01.06.2021.
At the GJU, in person or by email.
Contact and applications:
School of Applied Humanities & Languages German Jordan University.
P.O. Box 35247, 11180 Amman, Jordan
Phone: +962 64294704
Dr. Gerhard Jaiser (
Dr. Torsten Schaar (
Applications can be submitted initially with uncertified copies via email.
(* List of countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia).
The announcement of the scholarships is subject to the proviso that the HS Magdeburg-Stendal will be provided with the funding promised by the funding body!