The program is coordinated by Mr. Oliver Ritter, which was launched in October 2007.  

The study program „Bachelor Translation“ aims at graduating translators who have

  • a high command of three working languages (Arabic, German and English)
  • acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in translation
  • acquired knowledge in two fields of specialized translation
  • some knowledge and skills in interpreting
  • excellent cultural and intercultural communication skills with regard to their   own culture and some cultures in which their working languages are used
  • gained insight into the German society and culture during one semester at a German university
  • completed a limited period of practical training


Program graduates will be able to

  • Use their working languages confidently and in an appropriate way
  • Translate various kinds of texts from various fields of knowledge
  • Carry out translation tasks which go beyond the traditional tasks of a translator, such as website localization, subtitling, desktop publishing etc.
  • Interpret general conversations
  • Make appropriate use of new information technologies and translation tools

use different kinds of references properly (dictionaries, parallel texts, online information sources etc.)

  • Communicate appropriately within their own culture as well as between different cultures
  • Take on responsibility and work both individually and in teams
  • Identify problems and find ways of solving them
  • Adapt quickly to new tasks and new fields
  • Work on both the national and international level


Contact Person:

School of Applied Humanities and Languages