The council is chaired by the president and consists of the following members:

  • Vices of the President.
  • Three Deans.
  • An academic staff member from each school or two members from each school.
  • Three directors.
  • Two members from the local community.
  • Two student representatives.
  • One University graduate.


It comprises 28 members and meets 3 times each year or more if necessary.


The university council assumes the following tasks and powers:

  • Promoting the level of services provided by the university in the fields of education, scientific research, training and public service.
  • Examining the annual plan of the university’s developmental projects.
  • Discussing the university’s draft regulations and instructions to complete the necessary procedures regarding them.
  • Approving the university’s annual budget draft and its annual closing financial accounts and financial statements.


Members of the University Council for the Academic Year 2018/2019: