Status: Ongoing

Funding: The Consulting Engineering Center (CEC)

The recent placement of Wadi Rum natural reserve on the World Heritage List places important obligations for the sustainability of the area. This includes obligations to the World Heritage Center as well as for the needs of the local community and the visitors of the area.

Because of this, the Center for the Study of Natural and Cultural Heritage at the German Jordanian University has initiated a project to help the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority in meeting these obligations. Meetings in Wadi Rum with the administrators of the site and with the local community have given the outlines of the most important initiatives to be included in the project.


As a result, an agreement has been signed between GJU and ASEZA in order to formalize and facilitate the implementation of this project.

Components of the project:

  • A design for a museum to be placed at the old Ottoman-era fort in the town of Rum.
  • Helping the local community in the packaging and pricing of their heritage products.
  • A design for an eco-lodge to be implemented in the Wadi Raman area.
  • Training of local guides on the natural and cultural heritage of the site.