Dear Industrial Partner,

It is my pleasure to welcome you at the page of the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC), which is a platform for the university and industry to communicate and collaborate.

GJU has steadily reinforced its relationship with the industry to graduate students who are able to meet the needs of the market. The GJU vision for the coming decade is based on Education for Employment and Entrepreneurship (E for E&E). Within this framework, the University has established several units to serve this purpose including Office for Industrial Links (OIL), Consultation and Training Center (CTC), and Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE).

In May 2016, the University established the Industrial Relations Committee, which aims at steering this relationship with the industry in a way that strategically serves the applied education, entrepreneurship, and development of students' employment skills. Through the IRC, the industrial partner can find a quick access to information, services, and people to communicate with. At each school, the industrial partner can find a Dean Assistant for Industrial Relations (DAIR) who is the focal point between his school and its relative industry. In addition, the directors of the different centers related to the industry are active members at this committee.

We are a strong believer that the relations with the industry are vital for both the university and the industry. Therefore, I invite you to partner with us in this exciting opportunity.


Dr. Ziad Abuelrub

Head of IRC