Life after graduation is not always an easy path but for our graduates this path has been an enjoyable and life learning experience. I will start by introducing our graduates who are currently on high demand by the job market. Combining both European and Jordanian academic and professional standards, GJU graduates are recognized as diverse and diligent employees by many employers and academic institutions. With the first group of graduates in 2010, GJU found it necessary to establish a club for its graduates in order to help promote its graduates in a positive and professional manner.

The club was named GJU Alumni. The Alumni was established in January 2011 and is comprised of ten committee members. The goal of GJU Alumni is to serve as a bridge between the university and its graduates. To maintain a steady flow of communication between the graduates and the university, GJU Alumni created its own Facebook group.

This popular Facebook group is part of the university’s ongoing efforts to promote its graduates and provide them with sufficient assistance. With 600 group members interacting on a regular basis, the Alumni Facebook group has received many positive reviews by its members and visitors. The group is growing everyday due to its up to date job, event postings, and comments by its members. These members never hesitate to try and help each other in terms of job hunts, professional counseling, job market issues, and university related events. Based on recent statistics from GJU Alumni Facebook group and several interviews with GJU Alumni, 80% of graduates have successfully found jobs in many reputable local and international companies. GJU Alumni are driven by a strong will to produce excellence while at the same time maintaining the high academic and professional learning standards they received over the years at GJU.

This strong drive for excellence is also accompanied by their desire to achieve higher academic and professional ranks in society through their diverse experiences and ventures.