Research reflects the level of knowledge and creativity of humans attained through their journey. Research is similar to a tree, it needs seeds, fertile soil, and healthy environment in order to grow and flourish. In academic institutions, research is a pillar, a key function, and a core value that drives the progress of academics and the learning of students. The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) has, therefore, taken the responsibility of promoting and supporting quality research at GJU.

  At DSR, we believe that quality research directly reflects on GJU advancement and ranking amongst national and international academic institutions. It also illustrates the impact GJU has on local communities and industries and establishes links with national and international research centers. We also believe that quality research can be only attained through qualified and motivated faculty members and students. DSR mission is mainly aimed at establishing an encouraging environment for GJU students and faculty members to excel in research, soliciting and supporting research projects, and providing incentives to research publications ad conferences.  Eventually, this is expected to increase the research funding and productivity of GJU which positively reflect on university reputation and ranking.

  With DSR support for research along with the collaboration of different entities within the university, GJU was ranked among the 751-800 top universities worldwide in the 2019 in QS Global World Ranking. In 2020, GJU was ranked among the top 801-1000, 47th in Arab Region Ranking, and among the 101-150 in the QS Top 50 Under 50 ranks for the best universities in the world that are under 50 years old.

  DSR encourages GJU students and faculty members to benefit from the available research funding programs at GJU (seed research grants), the national scientist research fund, as well as international research agencies and funding bodies. DSR also encourage GJU researchers to attend national and international conferences and to benefit from research incentives paid for publishing research in international journals. Links to these research opportunities are available at DSR website.

Prof.Raed Alaomar