Research is the core of knowledge that humans have obtained through their journey. It is a key aspect in academia in addition to learning and service. Academics attain their aspirations and demonstrate their innovation and creativity through genuine research and quality publications. A key mission for German Jordanian University (GJU) is to cultivate a supportive research culture and to create an environment that promotes quality research among faculty members and students.

The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) has a crucial role in supporting research at GJU. It encourages faculty members and students to increase their involvement in research and to improve the quality and productivity of their publications. This is achieved through funding their projects and their participation in international conferences and providing incentives for quality journal publications.

With DSR support and the great effort of university researchers, the name of German Jordanian University has been nationally and internationally associated with quality research in key areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and pharmaceuticals. GJU was recently ranked 759th globally and 3rd locally according to Scimago Institutional Ranking.  GJU was also ranked 20th amongst Arab universities and 2nd locally according to Times Impact Ranging 2021. 

DSR will continue its support to research at GJU, in Jordan, and globally and will be open for any initiative and collaboration that involve GJU faculty members in national and international research projects. To this end, DSR counts on the excellent research proposals for internal and external funding and the hard work of the ambitious and motivated faculty members at different schools of GJU.




Dean of Scientific Research

Prof. Samer Al-Gharabli