Realizing that Energy, Water and Environment are key elements of any successful sustained development plans, and since the world is now moving rapidly towards better utilization of the natural resources technologies, NSREM undergraduate programs are: Energy Engineering, and Water and Environmental Engineering. Our students will have undoubtedly a new and unique educational experience that they will cherish in the future. These undergraduate engineering programs are not available in other universities, in Jordan nor the region.


At SNREM and GJU at large we stress quality teaching and promote applied research in the fields of energy, water and environment. We believe in small size classes that give the opportunity for a better faculty-student interaction. We do not only emphasize on teaching the engineering specializations but also on teaching multicultural and democratic values. Furthermore, we have a one to one contact hour ratio in the study plans, between theoretical lectures and practical sessions, which emphasizes the importance of the applied aspect of technology transfer at GJU.


As our students join the School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, we invite them to take this luminous opportunity in order to ponder about the many problems facing many countries around the world, and to work hard to find new innovative solutions to the energy, water and environmental problems. We at SNREM, staff and faculty, are looking forward to support our students in achieving their goals.


Above all, we do believe in what we teach, therefore, our school’s building is designed and constructed based on the green building concepts and codes, in order to give our students the firsthand experience of what they are learning. The school building is air conditioned using state of the art technology in solar energy. I wish you all productive and enjoyable time at GJU

Dean of School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management

Dr. Arwa Abdelhay