On behalf of the president of German Jordanian University, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Deanship staff wish all of our students a successful year. We would like also to welcome all the students who joined us, and wish them all the successes, excellence and progress.

Our mission is to provide high quality student services and develop cultural, artistic, athletic, and social programs that support the academic mission of the university and improve the students' personality by promoting their learning outcomes. The Deanship also gives students the chance to participate in public services in order to take an active part in the society after graduation.

The main objectives of the Deanship are to promote national, social and cultural consciousness, and  enhance in students ideal Islamic ethics, and prepare them to assume life’s responsibilities, to enlarge the students’ prospects on a world experience through their year of training and study in Germany.  Reinforce the volunteer spirit and collective work among the students and to encourage them to realize the benefits of their time, to provide health services for all students to keep them in good conditions, and to build the smart personalities of students by participating in local, regional and international sport and social events.

The Deanship is constantly concerned with meeting the university’s goals while maintaining the importance of its message through its main sections: sport activities, student services, art and cultural activities, and university clinic.

We would be glad to answer any of your inquiries and provide you with information at the offices of the Deanship of student affairs.

Best regards,

Dr. Raed AlKhasawneh