The Deanship of Graduate Studies and the Deanship of Scientific Research at the German Jordanian University were merged as of 30th of October 2012 to become the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. GJU has proven to be one of the leading universities in Jordan and its uniqueness comes from the design of its programs being responsive to the market demand and the needs of industry, management, and government.

Many of our Master programs are operated with one or more German partner universities. Our students may choose to spend one semester in a German partner university and vice versa. Such an interaction is vital to the transfer of high tech expertise in all fields. All our graduate programs benefit from the flying faculty program, which is supported by DAAD, where a German Faculty member may spend few weeks at GJU teaching a regular course in an intensified manner. 

This site is intended to provide information on the philosophy of the deanship of graduate studies and scientific research, the various study programs which are being offered at GJU, the study plans and rules and regulations which students need to be aware of towards a successful career program at this university.

Our goal at the deanship of graduate studies and scientific research is to guarantee that our students receive a well-rounded education, while ensuring that all administrative codes of academic discipline are fulfilled to the maximum possible extent with transparency and equal opportunity acting at the core of the process.

Scientific research at GJU is considered to be one of the vital roles of faculty members. High caliber research has profound impacts on the researcher, the students, the institution and the country. It stimulates thought, expands horizons, enhances reputations, finds new topics for master theses students and solves important issues. The deanship was established at GJU in order to help researchers achieve these goals. This is done through providing funding of research grants, facilitating publication of research results and attendance of conferences.

Funding for research is intended to facilitate establishing research lines that will ultimately be self-sustaining. GJU provides limited funds to be used as seed grants, stop gap grants, supplementary grants and student research grants. The regulations for these research grants and the necessary forms needed to apply for them are available on this web site.

I welcome you to browse through our website and we are happy to help you.

Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research