Life offers us a wide range of opportunities and paves the way ahead of us to make our own important choices. Becoming a student at the Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA) is one of these essential choices you are going to make in your lives. If you are one of our current students, you have already experienced the distinguished level of services we offer. If you are a newly-enrolled student, you are about to experience programs that are different in every single aspect possible.

GSBA was established with only one objective in mind: to benefit and satisfy our students with the broad knowledge of theory combined with world-wide practical experience. The MBA programs at GSBA are very demanding and rewarding at the same time. Projects, papers and case study methods are utilized in most of our courses. The Case Study method as an educational approach is highly emphasized at GSBA due to the fact that this method leads our students to independent thought and responsible judgment. Our faculty members come from distinguished academic and industrial backgrounds. Guest speakers are very often invited to relate classroom teaching to the actual world.

GSBA seeks to become a national and international model of MBA excellence through providing a hands-on approach to business education for talented and outstanding students by highly qualified academics, brilliant consultants, trainers, certified professionals and those who advance and transfer business knowledge to improve and promote economic prosperity and people’s quality of life.


GSBA is the place where the latest creative theory meets innovative practice.

Dr. Mamoun Akroush

Dean of GSBA