I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Computer Engineering and Information Technology (SCEIT).  Our school was established in 2005 with two departments, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering, where we offered BSc. Degrees in both fields. Later, in 2011, another department was established, namely, the Communication Engineering department, which offers a BSc. Degree in this specialization. In 2013 an MSc. Degree in Computer Engineering has been started in the Computer Engineering Department.

  In our school, we are dedicated to excellence, both in teaching and research.  Our faculty members are highly qualified and they have many joint projects at the national and the international levels.

We are proud of our students, who registered 0% unemployment among their colleagues from other national Universities.

Finally, this is a personal invitation from me and all the faculty members at our school, to all of you to pay us a visit and to enjoy the friendly atmosphere not only at our school, but also at the GJU as a whole.

Prof. Sahel Alouneh