We welcome you to the Engineering Department at the German Jordanian University, which was established in 2008 and was one of the first departments located in the University’s permanent campus in Al-Mushaqar.

The main role of the Engineering department is to oversee and supervise ongoing construction projects in the University, as well as conducting all related follow-up procedures leading to receiving the project and preparing it for use. Noting that the Engineering Department is also responsible to prepare all tendering documents required to launch such projects before implementation and provides engineering services and advice in all required fields.

The Engineering department is keen to implement the design and construction of the university’s buildings and its facilities by adopting the best engineering specifications in accordance with international engineering standards and the latest technology systems. This is to ensure the application of the University’s vision and goals and provide an appropriate environment for its students and staff to learn, work, and excel in an exceptional educational and architectural edifice that is beloved and appreciated.

We are honored for you to visit our website and our offices for you to take a better look at our daily operations and continuous updates and of course our plans and aspirations.