Welcome to the Information Systems and Technology Center (ISTC), which has developed by sheer willingness into one of the foremost departments at the German Jordanian University. As the Director of ISTC, I endeavor to reach excellence in providing state-of-the-art information and communication systems as well as IT services to our students, faculty, and staff.

I believe that accessing the Internet and checking our E-Mails are considered like air and water for most of us nowadays. Since the ISTC is responsible for providing such important services, one of my first aims is to make sure that all of our IT systems and services are highly available in order to keep everyone and myself breathing and hydrated all the time. In order to achieve this aim we make sure to: architect and deploy redundant state of the art systems and applications, continuously monitor the health of all hardware and services, secure all systems from viruses and hackers, and perform daily backups.

Many IT departments provide basic services to their customers, but when my customer is the GJU family in that case I have no choice other than providing my colleagues and students with the best and highest quality services. To fulfill that wish we always strive to provide state of the art computers and servers, multi-gigabit fast Internet, crystal clear unified communication systems (e.g., IP telephony, video conferencing), and a secure environment (e.g., surveillance systems, electronic access door control). On top of that we also work on developing and deploying easy to use and efficient applications that promote both electronic learning (E-Learning) as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at the GJU.

Most of what we do at the computer center is done quietly and in the background and mostly it is unnoticeable by others until something goes wrong and that is when we become at the center of attention. On the other hand, our technical support team members are always in the front lines and interact with the GJU staff and students to resolve their hardware and software issues. I consider my technical support team as our representative to the GJU family and I always urge them to provide their services professionally, on time, and with the highest quality in order to avoid any interruptions to classes or work at the GJU.

I always strive to cut costs when it comes to things that we can do or learn how to do. Why should we send a desktop, printer, or data-show to an external repair shop when we can repair it in our workshop? Why should we hire a contractor to expand our network when we can master how to do that ourselves? Why should we pay thousands of dinars for customized software when we can develop it internally? All of that can be done in house with some financial support, knowledge, training, confidence, and hard work. Being productive is one of my slogans and we already took many steps to become a productive center in addition to a service provider.

Last but not least, please be assured that you are always welcome to my office and to the computer center. We are here to serve you and we always like to hear your feedback and ideas to improve our work.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Prof. Feras Al-Hawari