The CTC Center aims consulting and training in percentage of human resource development and rehabilitation of students and scholars in many fields such as administrative, educational in languages ​​and acquires skills.

It also serves   in various fields related to administration and computer programming, public relations and public speaking art of dialogue and dealing with the public and others. 

This center has been established under excellent   management   continued and developed during the last few years and now works under the direction of Dr. Ahmad Abu Alkheil; distinguished by its ability to improve the performance and development and transfer of global expertise in the areas of management and marketing. 

A good and qualified staff are working now at his side to raising the level of the center in order to produce a distinct, qualified and efficient staff, which led to raising the level of the center in the development and rehabilitation of many qualified staff and able to be successful in the management of companies and enterprises advanced competition in all areas of business and trade. 

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