“It is a an honor to lead a distinguished team of Jordanian professionals dedicated to establish a conduit and bridge between experts at the German Jordanian University (GJU) and the individuals/ groups (clients) in need for experts insight and support to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness as they seek their visions and goals. 

The Consultation and Training Center (CTC) was established in 2010 as an interface between the reservoir of experts engaged in the learning and research activities within the university and the local, regional and global client-base in need for such services. CTC is proud to position itself as a global base to unique diplomas such as Social Work and Arabic Language Diploma with clients from Europe and the region.

CTC is striving to position itself in the region and globally as an “Expert Platform;” through such platform magic takes place; as leaders amidst the staff and faculty members at GJU with regional and global recognition equipped with specialized capabilities coupled with entrepreneurial tendencies, share what they possess  with clients seeking such valuable knowledge and skills in order to magnify clients’ gains. CTC establishes the linkage between experts and clients and maintain such relationship.

CTC team, builds relationships among all parties and supports the activities to reach the intended outcomes while monitoring the set key performance indicators (KPI’s); in forms of high level training and consultation. CTC team also entices the knowledge, “that matters”, transfer from experts to the client-base in need by creating events which investigate possibilities for parties to thrive and excel in their fields.

CTC also partners with unique and elite Jordanian training and consultation entities. Together with our partners we serve the client-base globally while assuring flexibility and excellence.

CTC is a synergy pool of positive energy formed by all stakeholders under the umbrella and vision of German Jordanian University (GJU)."

Dr. Omar M. Shubailat