The University started with small, limited resources, and a big vision, and here we are now after ten years of hard work along with discipline and excellence we are proud to say that GJU has reached a distinguished place among the Jordanian universities, and soon to be among the international Universities around the world. However, what distinguishes us the most is that we have implemented a true culture of collaboration and multidisciplinary at the heart of our Institute.

Our aim here at the presidency department is to provide the highest quality and professional services to connect the different departments and schools around the university, also to take part in making and reaching decisions that puts its heart at the university’s best interest

Our role in connecting the different departments and schools in the university as one unit and that puts the responsibility upon us to build an accurate database for the whole university, and conduct its administrative affairs.

Being the pulse of the university requires us to enforce the spirit of teamwork within the university’s administrative staff to maintain constant learning and training in order to establish the values of transparency and honesty within the department and other administrative units in the university.

Our outlook is rigorous and international, but never taking our eye off what is important to the university, and Jordan’s place in the changing world. We would love you to be part of our conversation.


Best regards,

Ms. Nelly Al Abbadi