The German Jordanian University is a public university which was established according to an Agreement between the Jordanian Government and the German Government to be the first university in Jordan that applies the German process in teaching. Germany’s Educational methods which requires a qualified staff.

Therefore, the main task of the Human Resources Department is to complete the appointment’s procedures for the Academic and Administrative Staff.

The Human Resources Department is one of the most important departments at the University, and is the first department that deals with individuals who have been selected to work at the University, either faculty or administrative staff. The following are the main tasks of the department:

  • Implementation of the Deans Council’s decisions regarding appointing Academic Staff and carrying through all mandates including: (Promotion, Health Insurance, Annual Salary Increase, and Annual Leaves, .etc.) during their work at the university. In addition to, implementing the President’s Decisions to appoint full-time and part-time Lecturers.
  • Implementation of all mandates issued by the Employees’ Affairs Committee and the University’s President  regarding the appointment of Administrative Staff, Research and Teaching Assistants, Technicians by the, and carrying through all mandates regarding employees including: Promotion, Annual Salary Increase, renewal of contracts, …etc.).
  • In addition to appointments, the HR Department provides many services to GJU employees including Contract management of full Health Insurance for all employees, monitoring and following up with the employees’ attendance through a specially developed system, issuing ID cards and Proof of Employment letters and keeping up with all matters regarding scholarships.
  • Making sure that all employees fit perfectly according to the educational needs provided by the schools and the Departments through holding Training Courses in accordance with the Consultation and Training Center at the University with the help of other Centers outside of the University in the English Language Field.

HR employees manage to get through with all of the mentioned tasks through abiding the laws and the instructions worked by at the University to ensure GJU and its workers’ maximum benefit.


The HR Department handles and takes part in some of GJU’s committees, such as:

  • Employees’ Affairs Committee.
  • Organizational Structures Committee.
  • Health Insurance Committee.
  • Regulations and Instructions Committee.
  • Scholarships Affairs Committee.
  • Administrative Staff Development Committee.

Mahmoud Irbeihat