Dear Visitors of GJU Website,

Dear GJU Students and Staff,


Universities are not only places of academic debate, but also of cultural exchange.

For this purpose, the concept of ​​the German Year was invented which familiarizes all Bachelor students of GJU with the life in Germany. Both with the areas of the universities, as well as by the completion of an internship at real companies in Germany.

The team of the International Office aims to provide all important information about our network of German Universities of Applied Sciences and is working closely together with the Office of Industrial Links (OIL) and the Project Office (PO) in Germany in order to facilitate the German Year for our GJU students as good as possible.

At the same time, we also want to enable students from Germany to experience Jordan in all its diversity. Through the enrolment in academic programs and through the offer of cultural events and excursions to experience the rich heritage of Jordan.

GJU is also a member of many Erasmus+ networks that aim to increase the mobility of scholars, students and administrative staff. We are glad to support all participants of this program from GJU and our partners in whole Europe.


Mr. Jens Hegemann