We believe that the university as an official institution has a role in bringing about positive change in its surroundings therefore, The Presidency at the university decided to create the Office of the Adviser to the President for Community Affairs to connect the university with the surrounding community.

To achieve this goal, the Office is establishing community relations with civil society organizations, stakeholders, private sector and citizens.

The university seeks to contribute to the implementation of effective programs in the local community in various fields and sectors of the society, including schools’ and universities’ students, secondary school graduates, university graduates, professions and tradesmen, citizens with difficult circumstances, orphans, disabled persons, charities, youth clubs and municipalities.

Through our work with community members and institution, we aim to motivate and encourage them towards development and adopting positive thinking and attitudes, since we believe that universities’ role involves much more than securing jobs to graduates.

We hope to achieve the vision of German-Jordanian University in the community development in all aspects, which is only possible with the dedication and devotion of GJU’s staff and students.


Director of Community Affairs Office