Guten Tag!

My name is Dorothea Jecht, and I am the Director of the German Language Center (GLC) since 2016. The German Language Center with its more than 50 lecturers from all over the world is a unique and important asset for the German Jordanian University. Together with the International Office, the Office for Industrial Links and the GJU Project Office at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (Germany), the GLC is supporting the German dimension of GJU under the guidance of the German Vice President Prof. Dorit Schumann. My background is German Studies (Germanistik) and Philosophy. I have been teaching German Studies at the Delhi University (India) for two years. After that I have been working for several years at the head office of the German Academic Exchange Service in Bonn (DAAD) in the field of Higher Education Management and Transnational Education. As of now, I am teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Masters’ program German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) at the School of Applied Humanities and Languages (SAHL). I am also proud to be the network head of the newly founded DaF network of GJU, including GLC and SAHL, with Prof. Karin Kleppin, formerly University of Bochum, as network head from the German side. For more information about the network, please check the category “GJU DaF network Germany”.


Our Center offers six levels of German language teaching for GJU students to prepare them for the challenges in their so-called German Year (study and internship semester in Germany). We are teaching with the textbook “Menschen”, which is providing a communicative and young approach to learning the language. Our lecturers come from very diverse backgrounds – besides European and German nationalities we also have a variety of Arab nationalities like Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Iraq and Morocco. A good percentage of our lecturers are native speakers to secure teaching in the higher levels. We believe in exposing our lecturers to the newest developments in language learning research. GLC offers a broad range of trainings to our lecturers and also the colleagues from SAHL. We gladly cooperate with the Goethe Institute Amman to prepare our students for the B1 language proficiency exam and in other unique projects like the German language lounge at our Architectural Down Town Campus in Amman. Our classes are hands on, provide the students with real life scenarios and are provoking active students’ contribution. We believe that language learning is a multidimensional process, that involves the whole personality of the students, that opens up new perspectives, insights and a completely new culture to the learner. We strongly believe in developing the ability of critical thinking for GJU students, to shape open minds and create flexible and strong personalities for the regional market as well as world-wide.


We are always open for new co-operations and new perspectives. We are also frequently looking for well qualified lecturers that are willing to support our team at GLC. Please contact us with your ideas, your suggestions or your introduction.  

Beste Gruesse / Kind regards

Dorothea Jecht