The German Jordanian University has an exceptional story. The story began from his Majesty King Abdulla's II wish to establish a university in Jordan that focuses on putting knowledge into practice and promotes knowledge transfer.

GJU represents unique partnerships with the public and private German educational and industrial institutions, and throughout offering a unique German model of applied education, which made the University a success story of the German Jordanian relations and a center of attention of the leaders of both countries and a wide range of sectors in Germany and Jordan.

GJU has proven its merit and distinction over the years and at the highest levels. We offer 18 Bachelor programs and 13 Master’s program with a student body of around 5,000, drawn predominantly from Jordan, but also including international students. We take pride in our student-centered environment for learning, research innovation and entrepreneurship.

GJU has shown the full representation of intercultural bridging by sending the students in their fourth year to learn in one of the 120 university partners in Germany. In addition, they secure an internship in German companies and institutions. Further, GJU welcomes German students to study at different schools in various disciplines, as well as the exchange of professors and researchers.

In 2020, the Covid19 Pandemic affected every aspect of our life, and education was one of them. At GJU, we shifted our priorities to sustain the education process besides ensuring our students and staff wellbeing, thus I send my sincere appreciation to the GJU family for their hard work to assure the continuity of the students’ education during these challenging times.

Today, the German Jordanian University is celebrating its 15th anniversary, fifteen years of development, and remarkable achievements. I want to thank GJU’s staff, academics, and students. A special thank you to our strategic partners, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), GJU Project Office at the Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for first-class 15 years.


Prof. Manar Fayyad