2005, the establishment of the German Jordanian University (GJU) was meant to provide an impetus to the Jordanian Higher Education in two directions: Firstly, to deepen the strong relationships between Jordan and Germany; secondly, to graduate internationally competitive students combining excellent scientific competences with international experience, intercultural competence and practical skills.

15 years later, we are witnessing an unprecedented success story:

The German Dimension of GJU has become a stable bridge between the two countries with 120 German partner universities, annually 600-700 Jordanian students in their German Year study and internship semesters, regularly over 100 German incoming students, German flying faculty, staff exchange, scientific networks, 60 German instructors in the German Language Center with over 150 courses a day in addition to two Bachelor’s and one Master’s degree programs related to the German language and Arabic courses for incoming students and almost 40 German faculty and staff.

The Applied Dimension of GJU is reconciling the German University of Applied Science Profile with the Jordanian Research University Model. Students gain hands-on experience in employability oriented study programs, state of the art labs, project-based learning, four weeks local field training in addition to twenty weeks internship in the German industry, optional Dual Study tracks with practical semesters each summer in a real work environment and strong bonds to the Jordanian and German industry. At the same time, despite its young age, GJU is constantly ranked 800-1,000 in the prestigious international QS World University Rankings.

The Digital Dimension of GJU is aiming at exploring transnational education anew: Digital teaching and learning, online programs and courses, blended learning, online language training, virtual mobility, international virtual student collaboration, live streamed lectures from smart classrooms, joint digital classes with partner universities, customizing of student journeys, digital badges and certificates, digital outgoing and incoming processes, mobility card, automatic credit point transfer, collaboration with other binational universities – GJU is ready to co-create this paradigm shift in higher education together with its partners.

GJU’s journey is a continuing – thanks to the trust of the Jordanian and German Governments, the strong ties to partners from academia and industry, the sustainable support by the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and last but not least by the dedicated women and men among its academic and administrative staff that tirelessly thrive for the best of two worlds.

GJU. Together we pioneer 4D – Deutsch. Dual. Digital. Danke!



Vice President for International Affairs

Prof. Ralf Rosskopf