The German Jordanian University integrates

people and nations;

cultures and disciplines;

science and practice.

Come and be part of the GJU family and its

unique trans-national education.




What makes GJU unique?

Beside the high quality of education and research it is its German dimension and the strong university-industry linkage.

Being responsible in the GJU presidency for the German dimension, I give you in my welcome words an overview about the German dimension at GJU.

In the core of the German dimension the German year must be mentioned first: Each single GJU student spends one semester in one of the nearby 120 German partner universities and spends in addition one semester in a company or organization in Germany, the German internship. Summing up nearby 5,000 GJU students started their German Year since the establishment in the year 2005.

In the other direction German students come to GJU to spend a semester or year in Jordan. GJU aims to enhance the number of incoming students from Germany and EU from currently 100 up to 200 in each academic year within the next few years.

The exchange also takes place on the academic and administrative staff level. Professors teach and staff experiences the intercultural concept in Germany and Jordan in the respectively different country. Academic networks with German and Jordanian members bring the joint German Jordanian concept alive on all levels: Education, research, knowledge transfer, intercultural experience.

The internet pages “International Office” and “Office for Industrial Links” explain in detail the German dimension at GJU and how to become a kind of ambassador for Germany in Jordan or vice versa and to be part of the intercultural experience. Come and be part of the GJU family and its unique trans-national education. As a student, member of a university, a company – you are most welcome at GJU and in the stable and secure country Jordan.

What is needed to make GJU students ready to spend their fourth year in Germany is the German language with our teachers in the hugest German Language Centre (GLC) worldwide. Our German language teachers are native speakers from Germany and Europe; in addition they come from Jordan and the MENA region and mostly passed a Master German as a Foreign Language.

The School of Applied Humanities and Languages belongs to the German dimension. This school offers a Master German as a Foreign Language and with those young academics for the German Language Center. Above that, the School offers in its Language Department Bachelor Programmes with a considerable proportion in the German language beside others.

The internet pages “German Language Center” and “School of Applied Humanities and Languages” explain in detail the mentioned concept, courses and study programmes dealing with the German Language.

Committees secure the German dimension on the management level: Such as on the highest strategic levels the Board of Trustees – with a fixed number of German representatives – and the Deans Council in which the GJU presidency and all Deans decide about German related topics beside others. On a more operative level the German Year Committee is the committee in which German related topics are discussed. Each school is represented in the German Year Committee by an Academic Staff member, who is officially assigned as Exchange Coordinator and also strongly connected to the German partner universities and the German Jordanian academic networks.



The GJU Project Office (PO) is located at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal. This is the leading partner institution from the German side, with a representative in the Board of Trustees and a strong relation to its Rector, its director and all staff members in the PO. As shown in the figure below, the German Jordanian University is strongly connected with all German related organizations units to the units in the Project Office.

GJU applies jointly with the PO for funding from Germany. Mainly the funding is provided by the Ministry of Higher Education via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and via the Project Office in Magdeburg to GJU. It is a project related funding for new and innovative topics and quality enhancement in the German related education at GJU. The title for the main funding from DAAD is “Transnational Education”, a programme, which finances several TNE universities and TNE projects worldwide. GJU counts as one of the most successful TNE universities and the only one with a German Year and a strong focus on the industrial dimension. For the years 2019-2022 GJU and its Project Office in Magdeburg applied successfully for the new funding. Concepts for internationalization, university-industry relation and the German language are as well contents of the new funding period as academic networks, the German accreditation and “Topic of the Year”. Beside the TNE funding the DAAD also provides support for GJU with support for language related study programmes and further scholarships.

For its success the German Jordanian University needs the continuous support from inside and outside GJU. I express my deep gratitude to all visitors and supporters from the political side, starting with the German Federal President and the German Chancellor, Ministers, Members of the German Parliament who visit GJU on a regular basis. Our deepest gratefulness to the German Embassy and the German Foreign Affairs Office, the DAAD and other funding German institutions and ministries, and all German partner institutions located in Germany and Jordan. Thanks to all German and European partner universities and Erasmus+ partners with their presidencies and the UAS Magdeburg-Stendal, GJU active network speakers and flying professors; and to all industry partners in both countries. In addition, inside GJU thanks to all schools, departments, centers, and offices for the continuous support of the German dimension including my colleagues in the GJU presidency and GJU Board of Trustees.

Finally to all GJU students and alumni from Jordan, Germany, the Arab World and elsewhere:

Thanks for your trust in GJU and its German dimension!


Vice President